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    PetMed - Coming Soon !!!

    DRBRX PetMed®

    The number one app

    to keep track of your pets vital records

    for iOS

    Personal health trackers are one of the most popular downloadable app categories as people are taking more responsibility for their health (e.g. Raphael PMR  Personal Medical Record). The mobile technology now exists to keep all their vital information handy in one place for easy access and sharing.

    So if this technology exists for people - why not for the next most important part of their lives - their pets?

    Raphael PetMed is the comprehensive iPad app that helps pet owners maintain updated medical files of their pets critical information but not limited to - health records, immunizations, diet. This information can instantaneously be passsed  to veterinarians, pet sitters and animal hospitals and hotels. Raphael PetMed stores text information and uses graphics to tell the story of their pet’s medical health.

    Raphael PetMed has future capacity to store the records of multiple pets if purchased through the app.

    Keep track of your pets’ vital information today with this revolutionary development to keep your non-human family members healthy and happy!


    Also soon to be released 
    DRBRX PetMed Bug Off!

    Lemon Eucalyptus Oil with Witch Hazel insect repellent

    Goes on easy with a cool, refreshing scent! This unique, DEET FREE, all plant-based active ingredient has been studied and reported CDC to repel mosquitoes, including those that may carry Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, Dengue Virus and Chikungunya Virus, for up to six hours.