Sinusol® Herbal Remedy Rapid Absorption Smaller Bottle 1oz

Sinuso® Herbal Remedy Rapid Absorption with Superior Water
Based Hemp

Sinusol® Herbal Remedy Rapid Absorption is topical full spectrum hemp derived remedy with essential oils and extracts that provide a refreshingly strong and invigorating experience with a proprietary formulation that has been in use since 1995.

Sinusol® Herbal Remedy Rapid Absorption is a nasal lavage and mucus solvent to help clear blocked nasal passages and provide a “drug-free” relief from nasal congestion and irritation associated with allergies, sinusitis, head colds and post-nasal drip. Sinusol® Herbal Remedy Rapid Absorption  is sourced from artisanal small batch premium quality hemp. 


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