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    The Science of Sinusol®

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    When created?

    2010 It was created. Dr B started practicing medicine, 1980.

    How many patients have used it?


    What do they use it for?

    Nasal Lavage to bring sinus and allergy relief.

    Why is it good? What are the benefits?

    It is soothing, cleansing, Cleans surface for other treatments, once treatment. Often times it reduces the need to use steroid based products.

    Who should use it and when?

    Dr. (B-Yellow- Rye is pronunciation) Russian. Means White Paradise in Russian. Belarus.

    recommends Sinusol this as a lavage, it washes away pollen, bacteria and viruses that land on the mucosal surface of the nose and sinuses. Also provides natural decongestant and mucolytic, breaking up mucus and post nasal drip.

    My patients tend to use Sinusol during allergy season,

    on the golf course, plane travel, any mold ridden environment, holiday season Christmas trees, Families suffering from colds, above the age of 2.

    it is important to treat the inflammation that results from allergens. Once the sinus is clean , this helps to create a healthy environment. This first steps helps to calm the environment so that the use of steroids becomes necessary. Reducing steroid use is a one of the most common patient request due to the concern of chronic steroid use.